Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mark and BJ Prenup shoot

Since the beginning of time, people have tried to define love and what it is all about. People fall in love with each other, disappoint further on, hate each other, and finally break up. All too familiar lines, huh? Well, it seems that people actually do not differentiate between love and passion.

But not with Mark and BJ! The passion and love enveloping these two intertwine and go on for like eternity! From the moment we were introduced to each other at Shell Filinvest, to doing the actual prenuptial shots at Amadeo, Tagaytay, Mark and BJ were the epitome of attractive interaction. And we kid you not!

And such shows on the pictures from Larawan Pilipinas! The scenes – all drawn with light – express the passion and love that Mark and BJ have for each other. From the gazebos to the main house, from the flatland steps to the waterfalls, the pictures hint that both of them genuinely look forward to settling down and spending the rest of their lives with one another. In the end, just wanting to be happy. Together. As one.

Mark and B.J., each marriage has its own reason. Yours has it all! You have successfully intertwined love and passion in your lives. We eagerly look forward to being with you on your happiest day yet – your wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Started the new year with a CLICK...

 Here's a hapi new year to one and all...cheers! Just after the noise on the streets everywhere ended, after every bottle of alcohol emptied and when everybody was supposed to have a very deserved rest...

Larawan Photography prepared for another shoot. Yes, we had a scrimpy two hours of sleep, when everybody is expected to get up only by lunch time. Can you believe that!!!....yes we did.

 3am...we checked our gears then packed our things. Headed to NUEVA ECIJA for the first prenup shoot of the year. Ooops, we took a bath. Just so you know!

It was a very smooth ride coming from Makati Fort Bonifacio til Balintawak. But once we entered the North Luzon Expressway it was almost zero visibility. First we thought it was fog, but how could it be. Having realized that were getting close to BOCAUE the firecracker capital of the Philippines, we concluded that it was because of the millions of peso burnt that night.

We did not stop, did not pause. But believe you me friends, there was silence inside the car...haha. We must have all thought of the incident that happened at SCTEX a couple of days ago. It is love for photography, it is the passion for clicking that made us through.

 Here are sample pics. Enjoy, as much as we did shooting them. We have lots of watermelons and mangoes as our take home surprise.

Thank you brother Alex and brother Eric for the worthful assistance.

Thank you Kapitan Santos for letting us use your place...awesome!

Thank you Boyet and Cristy!
See you on your wedding.

sleeping time....YAHOO!

Watch this video to see more pix of Cristy and Boyet: