Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The show must go on...

For one reason or another, more and more people are loving photography; WHY NOT! its easier than painting, it's cool and it's fun. CLICHE! Well, partially telling the truth is actually not lying.

I have a friend who is already a resident of Singapore and only recently that we found out that we became potty with the same thing, PHOTOGRAPHY. So when he visited the Philippines last August 2009, and on the spur of the moment we decided to do a shoot . To make it more occupying, we invited some models to pose for us. 

Because it was a Sunday (most of the studios in Makati were closed, or lack of connection perhaps) we decided to do it wheresoever possible.The experience turned out to be not so nice. We were ask to move out several times, not to mention the militaries with armalite on hand asking us to leave. JEEZ!, speaking of the concomitant beauties of photography! Thus, the day ended with several bottles of beer earlier as expected.

September 25 - he was here again and before that day arrived everything was already planned. The shoot was scheduled on the 28th but as we all know (how can we easily forget) Ondoy's harrowing experience tried to stop it again. Only this time, CLICKING prevailed. We did it in my own grounds...

What was that regarding the partially telling the truth concern, GO FIGURE!!! Enjoy the pics as much as we did shooting them. Larawan Photography with Singapore friend Ja-mes and FPPF stalwart Jojo. And I kid you not!

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